I can’t stop laughing…The last one best goal for a player😂

I can't stop laughing

I can’t stop laughing… 😂

  • The last one best goal for a player
  • the guy trying to drink a beer while jackhammering😂
  • My favorite part was the dude or girl that was going

to flip the pancake and Shit! Bye bye pan Rest In Peace lol

  • Now that’s funny as nuts ooooo with the brick how slick he was with that hammer, I almost pee myself
  • That dude dragged him down that hole faster than he threw the damn thing.
  • That pancake attempt reminded me of #HowToBasic. 😂😂
  • the woman in the pink jacket on the ice
  • the pancake or omelette whatever it is, that exact same thing has happened to me. I don’t toss my food ever since
  • Oh no the guy with falling in the ice is not funny that’s

a nightmare I love the girl slipping on her her legs r sooooo long and the first video I wanna go there’s

  • I’m severely disappointed that the video of the guy falling for

10 seconds while shoveling snow isn’t on here

  • Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion,

of course without offending anyone who thinks

differently from my point of view, but also by looking

into this matter in a different perspective and without

being condemning of one’s view’s and by trying

to make it objectified, and by considering each

and every one’s valid opinion, I honestly believe that

I completely forgot what I was going to say.


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