Really funny.. she was not to stab her dad

Really funny

Really funny.. she was not to stab her dad

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I know this is supposed to be funny; but it is kinda weird… my dad got my underwear wet? Don’t know if I like this one at all? It’s not inappropriate, but is inappropriate, ALL at the same time…

She was such a sweet girl I love how concerned she was not to stab her dad.

Really funny.
Looks like something my husband would have done to one of our 3 daughters.

That’s awesome teacher her how to take a joke since all these full grown adults cant. She more mature than most of society

This is hilarious, her laughter and reaction are the best. Clearly she trusts and loves her dad, and they seem to be a good, fun family.

Wow people are you kidding me?! This video is a family having fun together/spending quality time/ making memories and you sick twisted individuals want to turn it into something perverted. Get your minds right because there is seriously something wrong with you!

Ok I think an underrappreciated part was where she didn’t actually want to stab her dad.. that’s pretty fricken cute.

if you just listen to what the father is saying to his daughter then you’ll understand why he did that..clearly no sexual abuse happened its pure fun..

After reading the comments I think alot if people are uncomfortable because it’s his daughter if it was his son you prolly wouldn’t think twice I thought it was funny

Silly kid. Its funny but I raised boys. I think this lil girl found it funny too. You can spin it as wrong all you want but it’s juvenile fun.

Kid and dad was haveing some fun some of yall peeps just need to get a life r get a sense of humor it’s fun and games that’s all it is


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just be happy for him

just be happy for him. Did you notice how happy the dog was?