just be happy for him. Did you notice how happy the dog was?

just be happy for him

just be happy for him. Did you notice how happy the dog was?


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This man being reunited with his dog after 3 years is everything

Watch the beginning of the video, I thought the guy walking in front was him but it was the guy filming instead…looks exactly like guy, his doppleganger, unless they all have white hair and dress the same.

I think we DON’T really know a lot about animals feelings, memory, ability to relate and care they likely can TEACH HUMANS A LOT

Be happy for the dog and the guy

The #dog was so happy to see him god bless

My dogs like that everyday after I’ve done a night shift lol

Really 3 years was he in prison? And noone bothered to take the dog in!

So happy for their reunion….. God Bless them both

Awk the crys of him so happy to see his owner

This is so sad 😞 even is a happy ending

hat dog will never ever, ever, ever let him out of sight again

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Really funny

Really funny.. she was not to stab her dad


Cute Babies.. Tantrums are my cardio 😅