When the sign says “No Vehicles Over 39 feet Allowed”

When the sign says "No Vehicles Over 39 feet Allowed"

When the sign says “No Vehicles Over 39 feet Allowed”

there is usually a pretty good reason..

  • If he would have cut the corner by using the other side,

he could have got away with it, but this is Karma.

  • I guess we should be glad it wasn’t a Schneider driver, that would be some wreck at 55 mph!
  • Knock all those trees down, require a ton of manpower

and machinery to get yourself out, a hospital bill,

a totaled truck and trailer and cargo,

all because they thought the sign was lying.

Someone must’ve only put the sign up for aesthetics, obviously. Smh.

  • FIRST RULE;drive with or trust yr mirrors,especially on that cnr.

He could’ve saved a lot of money & spent 40 min.

to drag the trailer towards the steel rail?

  • f it was Lightning McQueen’s semi, he would’ve made it
  • Dont worry…the bottom of the hill stopped him
  • Awe, the trees were hungry and gobbled him right up.

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